GREAT COURSES: Religion, Philosophy, Ancient History DVD and CD Lot (93 Sets total)

JUST IN! A large collection of “Great Courses” audio and DVD classes in the following subject areas: Religion, Philosophy, Ancient History DVD and CD Lot (93 Sets total).

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13 DVD Sets and 80 CD sets.

DVD Sets

    1.    Gnosticism
    2.    Experiencing Rome: A Visual Exploration
    3.    Religion in the Ancient Mediterranean World
    4.    Holy Land Revealed
    5.    Masters of Greek Thought: Plato, Socrates, and Aristotle
    6.    Rome and the Barbarians
    7.    Natural Law and Human Nature
    8.    Great World Religions: Judaism
    9.    Lives of Great Christians
    10.    Historical Jesus
    11.    New Testament
    12.    Augustine’s Confessions
    13.    World History


    1.    History of the Bible
    2.    How Jesus Became God
    3.    Long Shadow of the Ancient Greek World
    4.    Persian Empire
    5.    Skeptics and Believers
    6.    Science and Religion
    7.    Why Evil Exists
    8.    World of Biblical Israel
    9.    Age of Pericles
    10.    Ancient Empires before Alexander
    11.    Apocalypse: Controversies and Meaning
    12.    Apostle Paul
    13.    History of Christian Theology
    14.    Herodotus: The Father of History
    15.    History of Christian Theology
    16.    Augustine: Philosopher and Saint
    17.    Biblical Wisdom Literature
    18.    Classical Archaeology of Ancient Greece and Rome
    19.    Dead See Scrolls
    20.    Exploring the Roots of Religion
    21.    Fall of the Pagans
    22.    Great Ancient Civilizations of Asia Minor
    23.    Greatest Controversies of Christian History
    24.    Great World Religions: Christianity
    25.    Greece and Rome
    26.    The Greek and Persian Wars
    27.    A History of Freedom
    28.    Aenid of Virgil
    29.    After the New Testament
    30.    Alexander the Great and the Hellenistic Age
    31.    American Religious History
    32.    Argumentation
    33.    Beginnings of Judaism
    34.    Between the Rivers
    35.    Book of Genesis
    36.    Bible and Western Culture
    37.    Emperors of Rome
    38.    Era of the Crusades
    39.    Famous Greeks
    40.    God and Mankind: Comparative Religions
    41.    Great Battles of the Ancient World
    42.    Francis of Assisi
    43.    Famous Greeks
    44.    Great Figures of the New Testament
    45.    The History of Ancient Rome
    46.    Introduction to Judaism
    47.    Introduction to the Study of Religion
    48.    Jesus and the Gospels
    49.    History of Christianity in the Reformation Era
    50.    Odyssey of Homer
    51.    Introduction to Greek Philosophy
    52.    Jesus and the Gospels
    53.    Life and Writings of C.S. Lewis
    54.    Lives of Great Christians
    55.    Lost Christianities
    56.    Medieval Heroines in History and Legend
    57.    Luther: Gospel, Law, and Reformation
    58.    Reason and Faith: Philosophy in the Middle Ages
    59.    Philosophy as a Guide to Living
    60.    Religions of the Axial Age
    61.    Questions of Value
    62.    Augustine’s Confessions
    63.    Story of the Bible
    64.    Religion in the Ancient Mediterranean World
    65.    Philosophy of Religion
    66.    Origins of Great Ancient Civilizations
    67.    Old Testament
    68.    Practical Philosophy: The Greco-Roman Moralists
    69.    Philosophy and Religion in the West
    70.    Famous Romans
    71.    Introduction to Greek Philosophy (5 Volumes)
    72.    Ancient Greek Civilization
    73.    Early Christianity
    74.    From Jesus to Constantine
    75.    Great Ideas of Philosophy
    76.    Human Prehistory and the First Civilizations
    77.    Jewish Intellectual History
    78.    Historical Jesus
    79.    Human Prehistory and the First Civilizations
    80.    Classical Mythology