Here's a #laterblog from our first week at our new location. Originally posted on our Facebook page, I am posting it here because Jordan demands I supply the blog with some content.

We are up and running at our new location on Wall Ave! Our first week was a sort of "soft open" with lots of unpacking, shelving, and sorting, so we haven't yet applied ourselves to the task of getting the word out. But we have already received a wonderful welcome from many of our new neighbors who have dropped in, with lots of positive and encouraging words about the books on our shelves and our presence on the block. We have lived less than a mile from this new place for years, but already it has amazed me to discover the many wonderful folks who have heretofore been strangers to us. It is incredibly exciting to imagine all of the new people who will soon be entering our lives through this little business. Our hope and prayer is that this space may be one of welcome, belonging, and connection for anyone who steps through our doors.