$5 Bible and Theology BOGO

$5 Bible and Theology

Books shown in these photos are subject to availability on a first-come, first-served basis. I will answer your emails in the order they are received. Any books available will be held for 1 business day. Payment may be made by PayPal to windowsbk@academicbooks.com or by CC over the phone: 503-251-5383.

$5 Bible and Theology Photos

Shipping will be $5 for the first pair + $1 per additional book. Unfortunately, I will not have time to respond to inquiries on these books. Some volumes are ex-lib, others may have some minimal markings or other light defects. The other 75% of these books will be in "Very Good" condition. Sales on these books are final: no returns, no refunds.

Happy Hunting!!




Surprise Book Sale!!

Know what time it is? 


Another Windows Booksellers Inventory Reduction Sale

I just returned from a fruitful buying trip to San Francisco with about 3,000 books. Now the shed is full of boxes again but the shop is overflowing with books. So it's time to call it again:  

I just returned from a fruitful buying trip to San Francisco with about 3,000 books. Now the shed is full of boxes again but the shop is overflowing with books. So it's time to call it again:  

Monday 12/18 – Friday 12/22 10AM–5PM
Saturday 12/23 10AM–1PM
8900 N. Wall, Portland, OR 97203

All $5 books will be Buy One Get One Free! 
Boxes and Boxes of $1 Books!
All other inventory in the store will be 30% off!!

Spread the word! We have tons of great books in great condition on our $5 cases. 

 For those of you who are not in Portland or like me are shackled to a desk, I will be sending out a pictorial catalog of our cases of $5 books on Monday. These books will be available for purchase by email and subject to availability at the time I receive the order. 

As we make room for this new lot we have purchased, I hope you will make use of the opportunity to build your library at a remarkable discount! 

Ethiopic Manuscript Imaging Project

I recently had the wonderful privilege of handling this Ge'ez Manuscript, an 18th century liturgical book of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church. Before selling it, I lent it out to Professor Steve Delamarter and Bishop Ewostateos GebreKrestos of the Ethiopic Manuscript Imaging Project, who made a complete high-resolution scan and this helpful report on the Codex. The entirety of this rich collection is hosted online and available for browsing. Enjoy!



We need your help!! We have more books that space on our shelves and tons in storage, so it’s time for a sale. 

February 10-17, all books priced under $10 will be 50% off. Books priced over $10 will be 30% off. 

We will also have acres of books priced at $2 HC and $1 PB. 

Conviviuum Coffee will be sliding slinging free coffee Saturday morning!! 

We will be extending our normal hours on Saturday, open 10-5. 



A Gift of Good Words


Promote literacy!

Support local business!

Buy a friend a book!

In order to help you do all three this holiday season, we are offering 20% off retail and free gift wrapping for all new book orders.


As awful as 2016 has been in many respects, we may take some consolation in the steady flow of delightful, insightful, challenging, and inspiring books this year gave us. For instance, the shimmering, miraculous Ninety-Nine Stories of God by Joy Williams, published by Portland's own Tin House Press

Have a look through the NYT's 100 Notable Books, give me a call or email with your order, and I'll have it wrapped in butcher paper & twine when you come pick it up, ready to give it to a friend. Shoot, I'll even wrap it up pretty for you if you're giving the book to yourself! 

We all can use the gift of good words. 



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Assimilate or Go Home

Our good friend D.L. Mayfield wrote a book and our case finally arrived today!! 

D.L. is a spectacular writer, whose work has been featured in McSweeney's, Books & Culture, Image Journal, and elsewhere. Here she writes about her experiences living among refugees, showing with aching honesty and grace how her life was changed by those she thought she was rescuing. This is her first book. It is beautiful, poignant, and truthful. We hope it will not be her last. 

We will be hosting a book table at her release party this Thursday. Copies will be on sale for $10! See the event page for details. Don't miss it!

Here is an excerpt from the book:

Jesus, the Bible told us, was a refugee. That he would so easily be able to identify with the life experiences of my friends makes me ache. He experienced many of the same sorrows, running from power-hungry people and experiencing losses of life and culture and home. And he came to deliver people, to heal and restore and bring justice, and to show us that we cannot prove ourselves worthy to God; we are simply his beloved children in the end.